Monday, 3 October 2011

Yarn bombing

Whilst driving through the nearby town of Chipping Nortonand I noticed some yarn bombing had been going on! Fab as I didn't think this sort of thing had reached the sleepy Cotswolds.

I shall take this as a good omen as my
Mum is going to attempt to teach me to knit over the next few days.

This may sound easy but as a left handed bod many have tried and failed to teach me in the past!


  1. Are you trying to learn to knit English method or Continental? I know several left handed knitters and all say that Continental is the only way they can knit.

    Hope that helps! I didn't think I would ever learn to knit but I did and I am :)

  2. To be honest I didn't know there were different ways!

    Thanks for the tip, I shall look into the continental way :–)
    I guess watch this space!