Friday, 30 September 2011

Start your Christmas shopping early!

I shall be selling my wares tomorrow at the Real Art and Crafts event at Towcester Town Hall, 9.30-4pm. If your in the area pop in and say hi!

I shall be rolling out my Christmas cards, here is a sneak peak at one of the illustrations.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Geek Chic, Nerd alert

I finally have some of my Geek chic, Nerd alert jewllery and accessories on Etsy

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Busy Whizzy me! Craft fairs and passions

Things have been super busy for me of late. I have been whirring around building up stock and venturing into the world of fairs and markets!

My first one was last week, it was a baby event, I had lots of fab feedback on my work, and it gave me my first chance to actually set up a stall for worlds of whimsy. 

My second show was a few days ago and was pretty good, lots of feedback and quite a few sales. My earrings went down a storm!

I have dabbled with two previous craft incarnations before where I did some shows. First was when I first left university, selling embroidered bags and scarves, but I became distracted with graphic design and so that fizzled out.

Then the next incarnation was about 8 years later when I lived in the US. I got into making handmade paper and book binding. I did a few shows but mainly sold on ebay.

I feel more passionate about worlds of whimsy, it has grown out of my love for drawing and illustrating which has always been the root in my artistic heart.

I have a thousand idea buzzing around in my head, lots of avenues and projects to work on, now if I only I could find that thing called TIME! Maybe it's behind the sofa along with all the blocks and toys Oakley posted back there!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Haberdashery dreams

Back at Greenwich market again I discovered the wonderful 'Miss Gingers Haberdashery' stall. The most beautiful fabrics, with a huge dash of passion thrown in. 

Verity has the most amazing fabrics, hubby and I were drooling, whilst Oak fluttered his long eye lashes!

She sells in fat quarters, half and full meters, at bargain prices.

I could have gone crazy, but I  showed some restraint! I plan to make some bits and bobs for Oakley.

The day of the dead fabric was bought for hubby as it reminded him of the grateful dead.

My favorite fabric was this, not sure what I will make with it, maybe some cushions for when I redecorate the living room.

Check out Miss Ginger Makes

Sunday, 11 September 2011

and finally.....

I have the worlds of whimsy website live now. It still needs some tweaking and more images, but please take a look.

Let me know if anyone has any feedback, thoughts suggestions are always welcome

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ode to Moleskine

Today I bought a new moleskine diary, and it led me to write this...............

You are a dark seductive piece of ephemera
that no creative mind can resist.
You sit in your corner of the bookstore taunting me
with your perforated pages and hidden pocket flap.

You draw me into your world of notebooks packed in threes, in craft paper or a super coloured mist.
Your super organized diaries send my head into a whirl. Maybe I can conquer the world with a funky little map.

Your little tabbed address books make me want to
find lots of boys that can be kissed.*
Your watercolour sketchbooks delude me the most.....
now believe I can win The Turner Prize
with my silly doodley bits.

* As I am married this bit is just fictional!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Super Dooper Markets

On Wednesday I spent the day in London, nothing unusual as I visit my brother most Wednesdays, but he was mainly at the hospital so Oakley, My Mum and I headed to Greenwich.

We headed to the market first after hearing that it was an art and crafts day with lots of things for children, I was quite keen to have a look after discovering that the pitch prices were quite reasonable. 

There were the cutest little felt booties, sock monkeys, cute little crochets and knitted clothes., the list goes on! There was also lots of food stalls, and Oak and I fell for the vegan cupcake stall!
Seriously amazing! We bought Papa-Boo a double chocolate one and Oak and I opted for a carrot cake muffin. DIVINE!

I rate checking out Ms Cupcake, they aren't just at the market, but have a couple of shops in London and go to other events:

We also had to sent Papa Boo (the chocolate and Ice cream fiend) a picture of us outside the Ben and Jerry's shop. DROOL!
After a long chat with over lunch I have decided to give the market a whirl, so I hope this weekend I will submit my application and aim to do it once a month.

What a fun morning. The afternoon was not so much fun as Oakley came out in a dreadful rash, and as were so far from home we took him to the A&E at Kings College Hospital to get it checked out (over worried new mama!!!). Luckily it is nothing serious, just a weird all over rash, but we have been quarantined for the rest of the week, so we had to postpone Oakley's birthday party this Saturday :–(

But we can still celebrate!