Monday, 29 August 2011

Another busy weekend of crafting

Aside from fighting off the lurgy and going to Buddhist temples, I have had a busy weekend of crafting and photography.

I have been finishing off a lot of the projects I started last weekend, it seems that during the week my little man will have no part of my working, so it all happens between Friday and Monday! 

Here is a quick snap shot of my new items

I have small metal gift tins, stud earrings, rectangular pendants, hair slides, note cards and compact mirrors. There are a few more items waiting in the wings, watch this space for them.

They will be available soon on etsy and Folksy, and most will cost under £10.

I have also been taking lots of photos of my prints in their new frames, they look fab!
I love how my heart doll looks

My final picture of the weekend, a cute one of Oakley and I

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Buddhist blessing

Yesterday we had a buddhist blessing for our beautiful son Oakley.

It was held at the Forest Hermitage Monestry in Warwickshire and performed by the abbot Ven. Luang Por, and Ven. Tahn Manapo. 

We prepared a meal for the monks, and ritually served it to them which was a wonderful and humbling experience.

Some water was blessed during the meal, then my husband offering to the trees, to send healing to those who are sick.

During the actual blessing our son was given his buddhist name: Mudito (pronounced 'Mu-dee-toe). It means someone who has Mudita. Mudita is Sympathetic Joy - to be glad and happy at the gains, welfare and happiness of others'. We were quite emotional about his name as it is a true reflection of Oakley's nature. He is truly happy when others are happy.
He had his hair ritually cut whilst they chanted the blessing and we were sprinkled with water.
We are so thankful to everyone who joined with us to celebrate and watch the blessing, and extremely grateful to everyone at the Hermitage, but most of all, thankful for our beautiful son whose smile brings so much joy and happiness to so many.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Crafting weekend

My wonderful husband decided I needed some chill out relaxing time and said he would go out for the day with our baby and do all the chores and errands over the weekend. Leaving me lots of time to do some crafting.

I made a fabric rug for the kitchen, which was very quickly adopted by our old ginger tom cat Aubrey. He likes to live downstairs away from our younger girl cats (I think he likes the peace and quiet!). 

I have an idea to make a super log rug to replace our stair carpet! My hubby thinks it is a crazy idea, but I have a vision!!!!

I was also working on some new things for my Etsy shop, more jewelry (pics yet to come) and some decoupage picture frames. I spent hours and hours drawing small cute little icons, which I turned into decoupage sheets, hours of fun and glue later, hey presto picture frames.

Here are some 'in progress' shots, final pics to follow
 THis one is almost finished, I need to varnish the frame and out it all back together. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My first treasury

 My first ever treasury on Etsy, inspired by Oakley, our baby tree.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Beautiful frame

A happy customer sent me a photo, she had had a frame made for the print she recently purchased from  me, and wow, it looks stunning. Thanks Sophie :–)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Exciting package

I am so excited today as a wonderful package arrived today full of lots of crafting goodies to make more pendants, earrings, hair-slides, and cute little gift tins.

I also went to Ikea (or Sweden as we tell my little boy) and bought some new pictures frames as props for photographing for my prints.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Inside the brain of a creative

My head has been whirring from so many ideas and creative thoughts, coupled with my hectic life, I had to put it down in picture form.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Busy Busy

Although I haven't been at the computer enough to blog, I have been busying away with new ideas and being inspired by so many things.

I am working on lots of new things, including new jewelry items amongst other things, as well some free downloads.

I have just got back from the wonderful Fairport Convention Cropredy Folk music festival. Lots of fun. It was my little boys first official Cropredy festival, as he missed last years by being born 3 weeks later!!!

In between bands I spent my time reading The Handmade Market place book by Kari Chapin. Fabulous. Lots of amazing suggestions and ideas. I am feeling inspired and raring to go. (Thats my little boy under the bandana and headphones snuggled asleep in a wrap!!)