Friday, 15 June 2012

Illustration Friday ~ Shiney

This was my submission for this week's illustration Friday. Sadly I didn't mange to get it submitted in time, but those are the perils of being a work at home mama.

But the submission isn't the important part, it is the process of work and continuously producing artwork.

I have tried to push myself with mixed media with this one. You all saw the earlier post with the original drawing that was done in biro on some scrap paper I found in the car. Once home I worked over that with watercolour.

Whilst that was drying I rollered over some masking tape and some brown artist tape with some blue, white and purple acrylics.

Once all was dry, I worked on her face a little, that layed down the masking tae to form the border, and cut stars from the gummed artist tape, and stuck these down.

I went back over some areas with the biro, and then added some silver dots with some paint.

The finale was to pour hot wax over everything.

Then embed it with a hot iron over some newspaper. This process can cause some of the news image to imprint on the artwork - an effect I really enjoy.

The wax pulls the whole piece together, it intensifies the colours, and gives a filter like effect.

If you hold the piece up to the light it becomes translucent.

I hope you like her, I had a lot of fun creating her. Incidentally, this was one of the quickest pieces I have done in a while.

So here she is, the finished piece. My home scanner isn't the best, so I'll take it to be professionally scanned next week.


  1. Oh this is AWESOME Asha - THANKS for sharing your link.
    I will have to try some wax over some of my artwork - heard it becomes transparent like so have made a note now that you wrote about it.

  2. Thanks, I am glad it has inspired you to try this technique. It was fun to get back to an old technique, I just wish I hadn't blown up my old batik kettle as I almost set fire to the kitchen using candles!!!