Thursday, 21 June 2012


Here is my submission for this week's illustration Friday. This week's theme is Secret.

My piece started off being inspired by Secret societies and their occult links, but ended up somewhere else.......

I used this week to have a play with different media, this time with the surface material.

I used some hand made paper that I made a few years ago that was sat around in my scraps box. On top I worked with Acrylic, water colour and pencil.

I was quite enthused at the start, but by the end I'm doubtful of the success of the piece. 
The main thing is that I have taken something from the process: handmade paper is not easy to work on! It was too porous (even after I treated it with Gesso), and never put a tinted glaze over watercolour - you'll just smear the watercolour sections (even if they are dry!).

The scan isn't great - think I need a new scanner


  1. I like it. the paper takes me to a long ago time and it has an illuminated quality. Nice!

  2. Thanks Michele. I have been wondering if I should add a frame to her. What do you think?