Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My little boy's creativity

My little man loves to be creative! He loves to draw and paint and build and basically anything where he gets to work with his little hands.

When I was a little girl, I was allowed to create (although it was play to me!) along side my dad as he painted and sculpted. I so much loved it! And now I let my little guy do the same. There aren't separate art materials for him and myself, we just share all the supplies! (Though some things he isn't allowed, like oil and acrylic paints for safety reasons).

The above picture is a drawing our old cat Aubrey. I think Oakley has the family creative gene as it really looks like him.

He loves seeing me painting and drawing. He is now at the age where he can grab a chair, drag it across the room beside me, climb on top and join right in! And during those times I am using paints he isn't allowed, I let him do 'dry' painting... I let him have some dry brushes and a dry palette and he loves it! He just paints whatever is in his mind and goes for it!

He also sometimes gets himself tired out from it all and has a snooze!

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