Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Crafting weekend

My wonderful husband decided I needed some chill out relaxing time and said he would go out for the day with our baby and do all the chores and errands over the weekend. Leaving me lots of time to do some crafting.

I made a fabric rug for the kitchen, which was very quickly adopted by our old ginger tom cat Aubrey. He likes to live downstairs away from our younger girl cats (I think he likes the peace and quiet!). 

I have an idea to make a super log rug to replace our stair carpet! My hubby thinks it is a crazy idea, but I have a vision!!!!

I was also working on some new things for my Etsy shop, more jewelry (pics yet to come) and some decoupage picture frames. I spent hours and hours drawing small cute little icons, which I turned into decoupage sheets, hours of fun and glue later, hey presto picture frames.

Here are some 'in progress' shots, final pics to follow
 THis one is almost finished, I need to varnish the frame and out it all back together. 

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