Sunday, 28 August 2011

Buddhist blessing

Yesterday we had a buddhist blessing for our beautiful son Oakley.

It was held at the Forest Hermitage Monestry in Warwickshire and performed by the abbot Ven. Luang Por, and Ven. Tahn Manapo. 

We prepared a meal for the monks, and ritually served it to them which was a wonderful and humbling experience.

Some water was blessed during the meal, then my husband offering to the trees, to send healing to those who are sick.

During the actual blessing our son was given his buddhist name: Mudito (pronounced 'Mu-dee-toe). It means someone who has Mudita. Mudita is Sympathetic Joy - to be glad and happy at the gains, welfare and happiness of others'. We were quite emotional about his name as it is a true reflection of Oakley's nature. He is truly happy when others are happy.
He had his hair ritually cut whilst they chanted the blessing and we were sprinkled with water.
We are so thankful to everyone who joined with us to celebrate and watch the blessing, and extremely grateful to everyone at the Hermitage, but most of all, thankful for our beautiful son whose smile brings so much joy and happiness to so many.

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