Friday, 2 September 2011

Super Dooper Markets

On Wednesday I spent the day in London, nothing unusual as I visit my brother most Wednesdays, but he was mainly at the hospital so Oakley, My Mum and I headed to Greenwich.

We headed to the market first after hearing that it was an art and crafts day with lots of things for children, I was quite keen to have a look after discovering that the pitch prices were quite reasonable. 

There were the cutest little felt booties, sock monkeys, cute little crochets and knitted clothes., the list goes on! There was also lots of food stalls, and Oak and I fell for the vegan cupcake stall!
Seriously amazing! We bought Papa-Boo a double chocolate one and Oak and I opted for a carrot cake muffin. DIVINE!

I rate checking out Ms Cupcake, they aren't just at the market, but have a couple of shops in London and go to other events:

We also had to sent Papa Boo (the chocolate and Ice cream fiend) a picture of us outside the Ben and Jerry's shop. DROOL!
After a long chat with over lunch I have decided to give the market a whirl, so I hope this weekend I will submit my application and aim to do it once a month.

What a fun morning. The afternoon was not so much fun as Oakley came out in a dreadful rash, and as were so far from home we took him to the A&E at Kings College Hospital to get it checked out (over worried new mama!!!). Luckily it is nothing serious, just a weird all over rash, but we have been quarantined for the rest of the week, so we had to postpone Oakley's birthday party this Saturday :–(

But we can still celebrate! 

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