Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Busy Whizzy me! Craft fairs and passions

Things have been super busy for me of late. I have been whirring around building up stock and venturing into the world of fairs and markets!

My first one was last week, it was a baby event, I had lots of fab feedback on my work, and it gave me my first chance to actually set up a stall for worlds of whimsy. 

My second show was a few days ago and was pretty good, lots of feedback and quite a few sales. My earrings went down a storm!

I have dabbled with two previous craft incarnations before where I did some shows. First was when I first left university, selling embroidered bags and scarves, but I became distracted with graphic design and so that fizzled out.

Then the next incarnation was about 8 years later when I lived in the US. I got into making handmade paper and book binding. I did a few shows but mainly sold on ebay.

I feel more passionate about worlds of whimsy, it has grown out of my love for drawing and illustrating which has always been the root in my artistic heart.

I have a thousand idea buzzing around in my head, lots of avenues and projects to work on, now if I only I could find that thing called TIME! Maybe it's behind the sofa along with all the blocks and toys Oakley posted back there!

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