Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ode to Moleskine

Today I bought a new moleskine diary, and it led me to write this...............

You are a dark seductive piece of ephemera
that no creative mind can resist.
You sit in your corner of the bookstore taunting me
with your perforated pages and hidden pocket flap.

You draw me into your world of notebooks packed in threes, in craft paper or a super coloured mist.
Your super organized diaries send my head into a whirl. Maybe I can conquer the world with a funky little map.

Your little tabbed address books make me want to
find lots of boys that can be kissed.*
Your watercolour sketchbooks delude me the most.....
now believe I can win The Turner Prize
with my silly doodley bits.

* As I am married this bit is just fictional!

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