Sunday, 1 July 2012

Everyday should be your birthday

This past week was my birthday. Happy birthday me!
We have a tradition in our house, that everyone has a birthday week as well as a birthday day.

It just means that you get a bit more wiggle room, and don't have to do as much housework, and you can have extra treats or a special meal by playing the birthday trump card. It's kind of nice because you feel extra special.

But really because we should all feel that 'extra specialness' everyday. We should all feel spoilt, even if not by anyone else, but by ourselves.

So my birthday gift to myself is to make myself feel special every day. Not by physical treats but in the way I think and act about myself. After all everyday should be your birthday.

I have to confess to be very spoilt this birthday. One of my closest and oldest friends spoilt me by throwing a small bonfire party, with a special treat of using their outside bathtub.... bliss... it is heated by a fire underneath. I was invaded though by 3 children!

I was also given 3 of the most beautiful birthday cards.
 Made by Ursula aged 8
 Made by Toby aged 5
Stunning die cut card from my beautiful sister.

I was spoilt further by the gift of a place on Danita Art's 'Mixed Media from the Heart' course, which started on my birthday. Just about to start week 2 tomorrow and so far I am loving every minute of it.

Even after 1 week I feel a new side of my work is blossoming.

So Happy Birthday to everyone, be kind to yourself today.

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