Monday, 30 July 2012

Natural Mama's Big Camp 2012

It may be Monday, but it somehow manageable as it comes on the heels of a fab weekend! The camp was considerably more popular this year and still had that good one-big-family feel to it. 

 My hubby, Oak, and I got to try out our new tent on Friday midday. For us, a tent we can now stand it, with lots of room, and it made it so much more comfortable.
Proud Hubby in front of our tent

There was lots going on throughout the 3-day camp, with campfires at night and workshops during the day. On the Saturday there was also a market place, in which i took part. There were lots of beautiful slings, and yarns and carriers among the wares for sale from various venders at the market place. My baby wearing and breastfeeding prints and cards proved popular and I also had a fantastic time as all of us were camp members. There was a fashion show with lots of mamas wearing their cute tots, and a fantastic raffle. I even won some nice smellies! 

Snuggling under our Lana Jade

Oak spent LOTS of time running free

Can't wait until next year's camp


  1. I looove your little boy's name!! Oakley and you call him Oak? How totally cool and totally cute! Especially because I like wood and trees so much. Now this sounds really dumb, but anyway, cool name!

  2. It is a fab name, we are so in love with his name still. He has some pretty cool names.... Oakley Takoda Daniel Mudito (and then surname)

    Takoda means 'friend to everyone' and is a Sioux name (hubby is Native American).

    Daniel was named after our best friend who passed away shortly before O was born.

    Mudito means someone who has Mudita - which mean sympathetic joy. It was given to him at his Buddhism blessing ceremony.